How I made my coffee table
From raw chunk of wood to my living room



Aaronson woodworking shop in Phoenix Oregon.

The raw piece of wood (Cherry) the whole table was cut out of.

Slicing the wood to create lamination pieces that will form the four bent table stretchers

The sliced pieces



all pieces are cut, squared planed and ready for work


Using a CNC machine to create a die that will be used to bend and glue the stretchers.




Using 3 layers of 1” MDF to create the die.
The holes and notches are in line with the arcs  that make the ellipse..

The clamps are now perfectly aligned to create even down-only pressure..



The small stretcher. Same idea


out of the clamps

the MDF jig that is used to center the 4 stretchers was also cut on the CNC machine

the table frame goes into the belt sander

Using a jig (also CNCed) to make sure the tenons are in the right place and orientation - using a hand held router to cut them


And that's what it looks like

Using a jig to hold the legs and route out the mortise


Routed and hand finished with a chisel


Legs is clamped to the table frame

from the side

out of the clamps

from the side




Finished in the living room