Tahini sauce, the best thing that ever happened to Falafel

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Tahini sauce is a must when you eat Falafel. Tahini is a paste that is made of roasted sesame seeds. it has the consistency of loose peanut butter. The prepared sauce is an emulsion made of the paste and water. Its natural flavor is nutty, and the added flavors are lemon juice salt, etc. The closes thing to Tahini sauce is, what we in the US call Greek Yogurt sauce, which is tangy and garlicky and yummy. Tahini sauce has a similar flavor profile. There are many variations of the sauce, and this is one is mine.


The best tool for the job is an emersion blender, AKA stick blender, AKA hand blender. You know, the power tool that looks like a tiny outboard motor with a propeller at the bottom. They typically come with a mixing/measuring vessel, with is ideal for the job.

Combine  water, lemon juice, salt, fresh garlic and spices, and blend it until the garlic is totally blended

Add half the Tahini paste and blend until smooth. now it is time to adjust the consistency.

if it is too watery, add a little more paste and blend again. Personally I like it a bit loose so it can be slowly poured with a tablespoon.

Taste it for salt, and spiciness (Paprika), and adjust.

Add the finely chopped parsley (not too much :) ) and mix it in. Don't blend for too long as the parsley will color the sauce green.. Not pretty.